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Non-parent Coaches Expenses

Non-parent Coaches Expenses

KMHA Competitive Program policy on the reimbursement of non-parent Coaches Expenses  

All teams are to provide funds to reimburse non-parent coaches expenses. These funds are to cover expenses incurred while traveling as a result of a team game event. Payments described below are to cover the entire coaching staff. Head Coaches are responsible for determining how to share these funds with other team officials. This reimbursement will take the form of a payment to cover expected costs while traveling to regularly scheduled league games and a flat “per tournament night” payment plus travel costs to be made based on the number of out-of-town tournaments and the number of overnight stays at each. Expenses to be reimbursed are:

  • The flat rate to cover travel costs for league games played outside the city of Ottawa boundaries. (this may vary by league and division)
  • The per out-of-town tournament overnight flat rate
  • The mileage rate to be paid for tournament travel
  • The maximum number of out-of-town tournaments per year that a coach may schedule before requiring consensus from team parents. (this may vary by league and division)
  • The per season, per team ceiling on reimbursement (maximum $4,400 per season/per AA and A team, maximum $2,500 per season/per B team)

Exceptions will be made to this for provincial championships, Silver Stick and other unpredictable tournament events.

The flat rate to cover league games should be paid in two installments, the first as soon as possible after the start of league play and the second after Christmas. Coaches should ensure that these costs are reflected in team budgets and visible to parents.  Questions can be directed to the Director Competitive Program, VP Hockey Programs or VP of Finance.

In keeping with the Policy on Reimbursing Coaching Staff expenses noted above, the following schedule is to be used for the 203-14-playing season.

  • The flat rate for out of town league games is set as follows:
  • $800 – All AA / A teams

This rate is based on the number of out of town teams expected to be declared at the “AA”  and “A” league meetings. The payment must be made in two installments. The first, consisting of 1/2 the full rate, at the beginning of the year and the second in January.  The January payment may be adjusted upwards or downwards to reflect any substantial changes to this year’s projected schedule.  The payment must also be reduced at the rate of 45 cents/km if the coach takes team provided transport to any of the league games.

  • The per tournament overnight maximum flat rate is set at $200.  According to the policy this rate will be paid for each required overnight stay at a tournament.  This rate covers accommodation, meals and other necessary expenses.  For example if the coach stays overnight Friday and Saturday night the total payment would be $400
  • Mileage rate to cover travel to tournaments is set at 45 cents/km. This should only be paid where a coach is providing his/her own transportation.
  • The maximum number of tournaments that a coach may book without consensus of parents and VP Hockey Programs is: three out of town and three in town.
  • The ceiling for reimbursement in 2013-14 is $4400 per season, per AA & A Team; $2,500 per season per B Team.
  • Please note that above are the maximum allowable and that all Coaches should submit receipt to the team for reimbursement of the actual cost.
  • All Coaches receipts should be kept by the team and must be sent to KMHA when your budgets are due at the end of season.
  • The above will cover three out of town tournaments and will cover the expenses of three non parent coaches per team.
  • If your team chooses to do more than three out of town tournaments all travel and accommodation expenses will be paid by each coach and not the team.


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