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Wearing of Helmets – KMHA Policy for Trainers

Wearing of Helmets - KMHA Policy for Trainers

All KMHA Coaches, players and on-ice volunteers, including Trainers are to wear helmets, properly fastened whenever they are on the ice surface.

For Trainers Specifically; when a team has a injured player on the ice that requires the Trainer to go out onto the ice surface, the Trainer MUST have a helmet on their head, that is fastened properly.

Qualified First Aid persons/Trainers are to be present during all games and practices for KMHA events.

Specifically for practices, as long as the Trainer or a qualified First Aider is present around the ice surface (WITH A HELMET), and ready to go onto the ice, that will meet the requirement.

A trainer or qualified first aider/medical practitioner are the only ones who should be moving/attending to a injured player on the ice surface.

Wearing of Helmets is required, for safety reasons and to met the City of Ottawa Contract for Ice Rental and Hockey Canada Insurance requirements.

Thank you.